Welsh Avenue's "The Great Exchange" Brings New Wave to Austin

by Jake Navarro, Feb. 2, 2016

Mark DiLillo of, one-man-act, Welsh Avenue, is bringing a new wave to the Austin music scene. He’s been hard at work creating a new EP, The Great Exchange, that is dreamy, electronic, groovy and guarantees multiple spins from new fans that are wanting to listen to something a little unconventional and more thought out.

MyCityATX caught up with the producer/singer-songwriter to listen to his latest effort and learn about The Great Exchange directly from the artist himself.

The Spotify-streaming EP opens with the psychedelic title track that has an interesting and enticing vibe that makes anyone with a creative outlook have a second listen. The eerie and echoing effect highlights the artistic vision DiLillo decided to take for his new project.

“The Great Exchange is about the changing old ways of thinking that aren't productive and not good for the body into new and better ideas,” DiLillo explains.

Transitioning into the lead single, Germ Theory, Welsh Avenue showcases the thought behind the track inspired by, germ theorist, Louis Pasteur's famous quote that, to DiLillo, has less to do with science and more to do with how to live life when it comes to the song. 

"It's my favorite quote: "Chance favors the prepared mind." It's been a life mantra for me since I started writing. It's one of the concepts as well," Mark informs me.

From record-crackling to a more a familiar "Imagine" sound, Germ Theory ensues a chorus that will stay stuck in your head.

"I wanted to make it about something I've learned. I want people to get things from my music. It might not be the exact concept that I came up with, but as long as they get something from it--however they translate the words--I want it to accompany people's experiences in life," he finishes.

It becomes apparent that the music of Welsh Avenue is wanted to be listened to close enough for others to gain a new perspective.

We have good and bad experiences in life. The bad experiences are there for us to learn, and the good experiences are for us to make memories and be happy.
— Mark DiLillo, Wesh Avenue

As we get to talking about "Blue Eyes", Mark apologizes for not looking at me when he's responding. It's telling of the writing and creative process that is put into his art.

“I can think better when I'm looking into the distance," Mark chuckles.

A sense of nostalgia almost comes across DiLillo's face as he explains the third song on the track list.

"It's about a girl that I was really happy with, but things didn't work out. It's also about a dream girl, in general and how she makes me feel."

Throughout The Great Exchange, you start to feel like you've heard this all before. It entices that feeling of being aware that you're experiencing Deja Vu. The hard work and dreamy quality is spot on and keeps you listening.

"You're going to receive what you put into your work. I've spent years training and working," Mark finishes when I ask him what he's learned from creating his music.

As far as other work, DiLillo is excited to see where music will take him. He is open to producing for other artists that are wanting to create and share the same artistic vision.

"You know, if you're lucky enough to tour, you can do that, but you need to be prepared for what happens next," Mark explains.

Welsh Avenue and all projects by Mark DiLillo are ones to keep on the radar as this new wave becomes a lot more of what Austin is producing.

The Great Exchange is available for purchase on iTunes here and streaming on Spotify here

You can follow Welsh Avenue on Twitter: @WelshAvenue and like on Facebook.