The Please, Please Me Releases Year of the Horse with Launch of Fundraising Campaign

by Jake Navarro, Oct. 20, 2015

Austin, get ready. There's an album release party happening this week, and you're invited! The rocker-chick led group, The Please, Please Me hosts the release of their latest effort, Year of the Horse on Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015 at 9 p.m. at Mohawk. The talented Carry Illinois and MyCityATX-interviewed artist, Emily Wolfe will both open that night. Grab your tickets here

Photo by Todd Chalfant   

Photo by Todd Chalfant  

MyCityATX caught up with the band at the end of May when they opened up for British rapper, Kate Tempest. The Hip-Hop poet made a pit stop at Holy Mountain (R.I.P) in midst of her international tour and invited the trio to share the stage. 

As usual, my favorite question of asking bands how they got their name commences the quick chat. 

"I just like the sentiment of that phrase ["Please, please me"]. It's the idea of throwing out your desires and dreams, but you need the world to meet you half way," lead vocalist and songwriter, Jessie Torrisi replies. 

The band is not sitting back and waiting for that to happen, though. The group made it even easier to support Austin music by setting up their own Indiegogo fundraising campaign. By enabling their fans to donate, the band perfects the art of asking. With over $1,100 raised thus far, The Please, Please Me has 28 days to reach their set goal of $7,500. Any donation helps the trio on their journey back from their "year of the horse," so we encourage you to donate what you can! 

The Please, Please Me releases their lead single, "Fuck This," as a promotional video for their Indiegogo campaign. 

Following Amanda Palmer's "Art of Asking," the band is not shy (and shouldn't be) about asking for help to fund the production of merchandise, tour maintenance, and trips to Nashville for songwriting sessions. As far as other inspirations, drummer, Michael "Halftime" Peters, opens up about artists he considers his muse. 

"My musical inspirations range from Steve Jordan to Questlove. I like to bring that to what what Jessie does. It's been working so far," Peters informs MyCityATX. 

"I think Michael is really unique as a drummer," Torrisi starts, "because he's really into songwriting. He gets so into the lyrics." 

"I love composition. I hear things with a production ear," Peters finishes as Tempest sound-checks on stage.

All three of us are just trying to create something as awesome as we can. You can’t expect people to fit into a mold that’s not them.
— Jessie Torrisi

Last year wasn't all rainbows and butterflies for The Please, Please Me. The band went through some bumpy rides including having to find new members to fill two-thirds of the trio, which lends to the title of the new album. 

"2014, in Chinese astrology, is the year of the horse. Apparently, the Chinese don't like that year because the horse is infamous for dragging you this way, bucking you that way, and finally throwing you off. You just have to hold on," Torrisi explains. 

With new music in the pipelines and about to drop, they did more than hold on. They revamped themselves and transformed their not-so-great year into a whole new album. The Please, Please Me picked themselves back up, wrote an album and got to thinking. Guitarist, Patrick Mertens sheds some light on a hopeful future project.  

"We want to do a show covering Dummy by Portishead in its entirety. It would take too long cover their entire catalouge, but how that record flows. It's just beautiful," Mertens weighs in.

As far as live shows go, The Please, Please Me casts a spell on the audience to get them into a trance as they power through their set. With Jessie's one-of-kind voice and "Fuck This" attitude (that's the title of one of their songs on their new album), it's hard to leave this band unnoticed. 

The trio engages with their audience and encourages the show-goers to shout of the title of their lead single to whatever deserves the profanity. The passion and true feelings are present as you participate in the crowd getting pumped and shouting, "Fuck this!" in unison. 

The Please, Please Me is not one to miss! Be sure to catch them on Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015 at Mohawk and donate to their Indiegogo campaign! You can follow them on their website and Twitter: @ThePlsPlsMe