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Kady Rain and Ben Bazzrea Enter Austin Pop Scene with New Single 'Infinity'

by Jake Navarro

Click picture to listen to Kady's latest electro-pop single, "Infinity"  Photo by: Daniel Andrade

Click picture to listen to Kady's latest electro-pop single, "Infinity"

Photo by: Daniel Andrade

By fulfilling her "Plan B" of "becoming a rockstar," a new pop sensation is starting to buzz around Austin. Kady Rain is beginning her journey to become the next global superstar right here in the good ol' 512. Besides her newly released single "Infinity" being catchy and radio-worthy, Kady has some big ambitions and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. 

The versatility of the up-and-coming star is quite apparent which crucial to have in today's pop scene. Kady is able to not only sound sexy and bubble gum, she's able to dress the part as well. 

MyCityATX caught up with the pop artist and one of the creatives and co-writers on her team, Ben Bazzrea, to talk about their latest single and find out what's in the works for Ms. Rain and the collective. 

As I enter Radio Coffee and Beer, I see Kady instantly. I can't help but notice how bright she is. 

"Hey," she exclaims as she gives me a hug as if we were best friends then introduces me to Ben. 

Her personality is as colorful as the skirt she's wearing.

Ben follows up with a handshake and a "How's-it-going-man?!"

Photo Credit: George Sarris

Photo Credit: George Sarris

We quickly jump into talking about Kady's latest electro-pop single, "Infinity." Knowing they needed something that demanded attention, Kady and Ben set out to create something huge. 

"We want our music to go hard. We want to make music that people have to dance to," Kady elaborates on the production. 

“When we wrote ‘Infinity’, it was two in the morning. It was this little folk song. Sometimes when you write something, you’re not too sure what it is. We really liked what ‘Infinity’ was turning into. We showed it to Doug, our producer, and he said, “I think this could be a monster pop-electronic hit!””
— Ben Bazzrea

"To see our songs go from little pop-things to full production, it's like breathing new life into something," the singer adds.

Kady Rain is no diva that only partakes in certain sounds. She's coming onto the scene with a variety of different music and ways the duo can set up the songs during the live shows. 

"When we play our sets, we feel the crowd. Sometimes we do more of the acoustic set or we do the full-on production. We're making something for everyone--without really intending to do so. It just turns out that way. It's kind of cool," Kady explains. 

Ben reassures MyCityATX that pop music is their niche with no denying it. 

"We never were under the impression that we were making anything other than pop music. When Kady and I started working together about a year ago, we decided we wanted to take over the world. We want to make big, epic pop music for everyone." 

Without an album in the works, Kady and Ben are able to explore the pop realm in a bit more personal way. The songwriters focus on what feels right when they are in the creative mood. 

"When you sit down to write, you can't really control what comes out. You can try to corral your creativity, but sometimes you end up writing ballads when you wanted to write an up-tempo banger. When we write, it's always on a primary instrument, like a guitar, and vocal, because production can make a bad song good, but it's never going to make a bad song great," Ben finishes. 

Having a non-signed budget, doesn't always mean poor quality--especially to Kady and Ben. Along with writing all of their music, the two are crafting single covers, scheduling photo-shoots, creating music videos and printing t-shirts. We get to talking about stage presence and Kady's live shows. The creative visions only keep flowing when we talk about Kady hopefully becoming an official showcasing artist for South By Southwest 2016.

"I want to take dance lessons, so I can get my stage performance on point. I want to do some type of cool hand-voguing like FKA Twigs and "Selena-turns" on stage," Kady excitedly tells us.   

The pop-singer confirms "Quintanilla!" as she does the "washing-machine" dance in her seat, paying homage to the late Tejano pop-icon. 

As the interview comes to a close, Kady wants something to remain clear. She works hard to write music that everyone can enjoy and relate to. She wants to be someone that fans feel comfortable enough to approach, and I felt this quality from her in our first meeting.

"I don't want to be this untouchable idol," she says, knowing what's in store for herself. 

With a promising lead single and eye for the pop scene, Kady and Ben are well on their way to crafting something that Austin hasn't quite seen yet. The creative team not only hopes for the best, they expect the best. 

Be ready for the storm that Kady Rain is about to bring to this city. 

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