Reddening West Reinvents Austin Folk with "Where We Started"

by Jake Navarro. March 11, 2016

When it comes to Austin music, it only seems as Folk has saturated the market. As for the artists that have graced the MyCityATX interwebs, it's easy to see that remarkable music of varying genres is all around us. 

That works in Reddening West's favor as their new EP dropped this past week and is now streaming on Spotify. Not only is the group constantly reinventing who they are as artists but the genre as well.

Taking Austin Folk to the next level with a heavy emphasis on their violinist, Niamh Fahy, the band, in itself, is definitely a separating factor. Although Reddening West doesn't think they're reinventing the Folk wheel, I'll personally accredit them.

Frontman, Matt Evans, Drummer, Kevin Butler and Violinist, Niamh Fahy of Reddening West

Frontman, Matt Evans, Drummer, Kevin Butler and Violinist, Niamh Fahy of Reddening West

MyCityATX caught up with the band at one of their shows at Mohawk to talk about their take on Folk, new EP, and musical inspirations. 

From the nature-swooning to powerful and brilliant violin, this isn't just any ol' Austin Folk. Reddening West has established themselves as talented artists that truly feel their earthy music. 

The leading track, "All You Need", is a powerful composition of heavy drums, light vocals, and impeccable additions of violin. The five-track EP is quite the representation of the band's name.

The strings via violin and almost haunting vocals in this extended play are seamless. Niamh (pronounced Nee-iv) tells me how her Irish background, especially in music, fits in perfectly for their latest effort, Where We Started.

"I grew up playing classical and traditional Irish music. I enjoy being able to mix the two and turn it into a modern-day Folk," she finishes. 

We’re not doing it because it’s popular, we just love this style of music
— Kevin Butler, Reddening West


With inspirations deriving from jazz to pop, frontman, Matt Evans, tells me how influential other musicians have been to him. 

"For me, It's been the folks I  have met along the way. We make music that sounds nothing alike, but those have been my biggest inspirations." 

As inspiring as others have been to them, Reddening West sets a standard for band camaraderie. The group, which features a couple that met in the UK at a music showcase, feels like a family on and off stage.  

"This experience has all been very natural. We all just work really well together. It's almost too good to be true," Niamh confesses. 

Whether it's too good to be true or not, the band consistently thinks of ways to showcase their artistic ventures and sounds.

"We [recorded] the EP all together. It's about as live as you can make it in a studio," Drummer, Kevin Butler starts, "We're all about texture, so we strived to find it in this new project."

Reddening West is a fresh take on what Austin has definitely seen before, and Where We Started is the EP that can cleanse your soul and clear your mind. You definitely don't want to miss out on the folky personification of Earth in their music.

Stay on the lookout for their next local show on their website and be sure to follow them on Twitter to track where they'll be next on the Austin music scene.

Posted on March 11, 2016 .