Post-Punk Band, Pleasure Venom, Drops Debut EP at Beerland Feb. 4

By Jake Navarro. Feb 2, 2016

Post-punk is a hard one to pull off, but, Austin band, Pleasure Venom recreates the genre in a way that makes you want to double-fist warm Lone Star tallboys and get in on the live action front row. In the world of punk, that definitely is a good thing.

The group invited MyCityATX to their humble abode to check out their new EP, Hunt, that drops Feb. 4, 2016 accompanied with a release party at Beerland on Red River. Pleasure Venom goes on at 10:30 p.m., so there's no reason why you can't stop by and jam out!

Plesure Venom rocks the stage at Cheer Up Charlie's. Photo by Ashley Bradley

Plesure Venom rocks the stage at Cheer Up Charlie's. Photo by Ashley Bradley

I didn't know what to expect knocking on the door of post-punk. As soon as, bassist, Trevor Mason offered me a warm Lonestar and apologized about the Christmas tree still being up, I knew it was going to be fun evening (My Christmas tree was still up too).

We get to talking about how Pleasure Venom's sound came to be.

"We just wanted to do something that was different than what we all did before," Vocalist and songwriter, Audrey Campbell starts, "We didn't go into this project saying, "Hey! This is going to be a punk band!" It just is what it is."

"It almost was an electronic-laptop band," Trevor laughs.

When it comes to their live presence, Pleasure Venom is fun, rambunctious and indefinitely feeds off their crowd's energy. Anna Charlock, guitarist, zones in to elaborate:

"The crowd isn't always going to understand the words we're singing or saying live on stage, but they get the energy."

"They receive the emotion aesthetically," Austin Reynolds, on guitar, finishes.  

As a theater major, front-woman, Audrey, gives us some insight on PV's stage performance.

"I have to keep telling my mom it's art and interpretation when she sees some of the pictures of us on stage. You can't fake it. When I'm getting really into it and rolling around, the emotion has to be real," Audrey explains.

Anna is quick to expand on that idea, "My dad asks me if the lead singer has any dance moves that aren't obscene. He's seen a lot of photos of us and is scandalized."

The group laughs, recollects and hears from, drummer, Thomas Valles.

"My dad is really religious. It's odd how supportive he is of us. It's the opposite of his thing."

Austin shares some of his on-stage feelings as its his first band to be a part of.

"I get so nervous. Everyone is looking at me and right before I play the first note of the first song, I think, "WHAT AM I DOING HERE?!" I'm working on it," he jokes.

It's apparent quite quickly, as band, that they're a creative family that loves to have fun. It's always a pleasure to see a tight-knit group create art and their own lane in the city.

In their post-punk rage, I ask who they would like to collaborate with here in town.

"I really do enjoy Sailor Poon a lot. I'd love to go on a mini-tour with them," Trevor starts.

Audrey finishes his sentence--"They've helped us a lot with our own projects. They're pals. I love them."

"We try to be as honest and raw as possible, and we want to play music with bands that think the same way," Thomas chimes in.

As we get to goals and aspirations for where Pleasure Venom see themselves going, it's almost unanimous.

If people outside out Austin knew of us, and made plans to see us—to excite the idea of “Pleasure Venom is in town! What are you doing tonight?!”—that would make me happy
— Austin Reynolds, Pleasure Venom


Trevor continues, "That's the thing--we're huge fans of other bands and we get that giddiness of, "Oh, shit! They're coming to town?!" We would love to be on the other end of that."

These punks dudes and dudettes are ones to check out if you're wanting to jam out, forget your problems for the evening and have a good time.

Be ready to see Pleasure Venom ripping up stages around town. They're definitely the next post-punk band on the rise in the city.

"This is probably the best band experience I've been apart of," Anna mentions to me as the group chats amongst themselves and interview comes to an end.

Make sure to check out Pleasure Venom on Thursday, Feb. 4th at Beerland for their Debut EP Release Party.

You can follow at and like their page on Facebook to support some Austin post-punk!