Miggy Milla Explores Multiple Genres in Latest EP, Pretty Stranger

by Jake Navarro | May 17, 2016

Pretty Stranger is available for download on Bandcamp and streaming on Spotify May 18, 2016. 

Pretty Stranger is available for download on Bandcamp and streaming on Spotify May 18, 2016. 

As I take my seat in a coffee shop in North Austin, I notice how crisp and on point his aesthetic is. His hair is definitely taller than mine, and he is wearing clear round glasses. 

With a black blazer, matching slacks, and nice dress shoes, it's only in true Miggy Milla fashion to be featuring a white vintage Bruce Lee t-shirt and colored socks only visible when he crosses his legs to ponder about his art. It's just simply who he is.

Miggy Milla is the next MyCityATX interviewed artist on the rise with his latest seven-track release, Pretty Stranger appropriately available for purchase and download on his birthday, May 18, 2016.


MyCityATX sat down with the artist earlier this year after he dropped the music video for the title track of the EP.

“There was this spot I always used to sit in at this coffee shop. Across from me was a sofa, and there was this same girl sitting there every time I went. I would never approach her, but we would always acknowledge each other. 'Pretty Stranger' is about reminiscing about someone you never met.”

It’s clear the moment you begin a conversation with Miggy that he isn’t just about his art, but everyone’s creative journeys as well.

I always get a little nervous talking to people who take their art this seriously because true artists have the utmost confidence while their most vulnerable moments are on display.

“When you’re up there singing your own lyrics and playing your own music—it’s completely different than anything you’ll ever experience. You think, “Wow! This is mine! This is cool!”
— Miggy Milla

Although his demeanor is instantly attractive and demands attention, Miggy is simply the definition of a cool cat that loves music.

He opens up about how long he’s been working on this project.

"It’s funny—I finished the project in one whole week three years ago,” he explains.

As any musician can relate, self-releasing your own music can be quite the check to write -- especially if you want it done correctly.

“One thing I’m proud of is that I didn’t use kickstarter for this project. I might next time, because it’s pretty expensive. I don't want to take three years,” Miggy chuckles. 

While it took some time to finally release his product, Miggy is always thinking about the next step and what’s on the horizon creatively speaking.

“After I finished the EP, I started working with different musicians and bands. I love playing different styles. Mostly, I like playing Pop, R&B, and Soul, but I enjoy Rock and being involved with different projects.”

Miggy stays true to his word in his seven-track EP by exploring different genres. The ‘Pretty Stranger’ singer-songwriter takes the audience on a true musical journey with pop melodies and original Megz Kelli verses.

Miggy Milla's official treatment for 'Pretty Stranger.' Directed & Edited by: Dillon O'neal & Chris Lowery

When Miggy isn't in the studio or thinking up a new project, he's able to sustain a full-time music career by being a vocal coach and picking up wedding gigs. When an artist needs their music, they find a way, but 2016 will be different for Milla. 

"I want to give some more time to myself. I noticed I gave too much time to different projects. I promised that this year I will give myself time to play my own stuff, start promoting, and go on a mini tour." 

As the world will begin to learn his name, Miggy Milla stays thinking carefully about what his audience will experience next. He enlightens me on his thoughts on hard work that can be applied to any industry.  

"The way I see it is if you put time and money into something -- time being most important -- why not do it right? Everyone in this city is hustling. You now have to take it to the next level." 

Whether you bop a long to 'Pretty Stranger' or slow it down with Megz on 'My Constant Thoughts', this release is definitely one to study and listen to with your favorite headphones or speakers.

You'll be able to find Pretty Stranger on iTunes, Bandcamp and Spotify. Make sure to grab yourself a copy! What a perfect way to wish Miggy a Happy Birthday! 

Make sure to keep up with and follow @MiggyMilla on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Y'all know what to do! 

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Happy Birthday, man! 

I am truly honored to have met you and experience your artistry. I hope you have a fantastic day and enjoy this release! You deserve it! Here's to future MILLAXNAVARRO collaborations!